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Meet the Nurses - Joanne Doyle

As part of our Charity Partnership with Jack and Jill, we sat down with one of their amazing nurses to get to know them and the work they do a bit better.

Meet Joanne Doyle she is one of 15 Jack and Jill Liaison Nurse Managers with Jack and Jill, she works in the Southeast area of the country.

Q: Joanne with your role, we imagine that you travel a lot. How much would you say you drive per month?

A: With my role there is a lot of driving I’d say I do between 1,200 to 1,900 kms per month. 

Q: How many families do you look after?

A: Currently I work with 35 families, but I would be checking in with or receive at least 1-3 phone calls or messages from families that have graduated from our service each week.

Q: Joanne what 3 words would you use to describe life on the road?

A: Hmmm that’s a tough one, I’d say Rewarding, Worthwhile and Challenging.

Q: Can you tell us about a family you are visiting this week and how you will support them?

A: I will call to one of my families in Wexford on Friday. They are relatively new to our service so there is a certain amount of vulnerability for them... accepting our service and 2 wonderful paediatric nurses into their home. Their little boy has significant needs with huge medical issues, he is due to have surgery today, he will be due home on Friday and Mum asked if I would call then to make sure he is ok after travelling home from Crumlin all going well.

I will also need to do a case review for this family as they need more hands-on help over the summer months with 5 other children under 12 years. I need to find a third nurse and I have just texted the nurses living nearest to this family to see if they have any availability.

I will then bring them to be introduced to the family assuming I find the right nurse who is comfortable looking after all this little boy’s care needs. I will keep in touch with this mum by text over the next few days to lend support during her hospital stay in Crumlin as she was dreading having to return there.

Q: Joanne what would you say fuels you to get up and go to work every day?

A: It would have to be the families and children we care for, if we can ease all they go through by a tiny piece, I am honoured and glad to be able to do that for them. My work colleagues/friends are the backbone of being able to carry out my work... Couldn’t do it without them!!!!

Q: What is your local Circle K?

A: I'd use the Circle K in any of the locations that I cover for work, I could be in Carlow, Tullow, New Ross, Gorey or Kilkenny.

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