Woman charging an electric car at a Circle K EV charging point
Woman charging an electric car

Electric Vehicle Charging

At Circle K, we strive to create the easiest, most efficient charging experience for you and your electric car.
Illustration of an electric car charging at a Circle K EV charge point

Our Circle K our own brand chargers offer you a high-powered charging service, allowing you to refuel quickly and conveniently, and continue with your journey. All our chargers offer a super-fast charge with a minimum of 100KW per charger. Take advantage of the time spent on our sites and grab a coffee or food instore while you wait.

We are working hard to expand our network of own branded EV chargers and plan to have over 30 EV charging sites around the county in the next 18 months. Our charging map will be updated frequently to allow you plan your journey and show you where to find your next charge.

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Circle K High-Speed Charger Pricing

Charging price per kWh 0.69c


Price last updated: 23/01/2024

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How to use a Circle K EV Charger

Electric vehicle connect and charge instructions

Questions and answers

  • How do I pay for fast charging?

    Fast charging must be paid for with a credit/debit card using the payment terminal at the charger.

  • Can my car charge on Circle K's fast charging network?

    Most electric cars use either the CCS plug type or the CHAdeMO plug type for rapid charging. All Circle K stations with fast chargers can offer charging for both CCS (50-300kW) and CHAdeMO (50-60 kW).

    Circle K stations with IONITY's chargers can only charge cars with CCS.

    Tesla Model S and Model X have a separate type of connector but can be charged with CHAdeMO or CCS using the included adapter. The Tesla Model 3 is charged as normal with CCS.

  • Do I have to bring my own charging cable to fast charge?

    No, all of Circle K's fast chargers have a hanging charging cable and the customer therefore does not need to bring their own. Customers with Tesla Model S and Model X can use their own supplied adapter to charge with CCS or CHAdeMO.

  • How fast is fast charging compared to regular charging?

    50kW fast charging can be up to 20 times faster than charging at home. A Volkswagen e-Golf, for example, uses approx. 45 minutes to charge from 0-80% with such a fast charger.

    Some cars (e.g. Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace) can be charged at 150 kW or more, and thus even three times faster by using our fastest fast chargers.

    However, the actual charging speed will depend, among other things, on the car's own maximum charging speed (contact your dealer or check the instruction book), the battery's temperature and how fully charged the battery is. The charging speed is usually highest when it is plus degrees (25-35 degrees C) and the battery level is between 20 and 80%. A car with a maximum charging power of 50kW, for example, will not be charged faster by connecting a 150kW fast charger.

  • How do I report errors or problems at a charging station?

    If you discover an error, you can report this to the station.

  • Does my car charge with renewable energy at Circle K's fast chargers?

    Yes, you are guaranteed 100% renewable energy on all electric car chargers at Circle K's energy stations in Ireland. This applies to both Circle K's own chargers and our partner chargers. 

Circle K and Ionity

Circle K and IONITY announce expansion of high-power EV chargers

Circle K and IONITY, the leading high-power charging network in Europe open to all brands, today announced the latest expansion of high-power EV chargers across the Circle K network in Ireland.