Meal Deal Circle K
Meal Deal Circle K

Savour the Savings: The Circle K Meal Deal from €6

Exciting news! Now our customers can grab any sandwich, roll, or wrap and a drink from just €6. Need a warm pick-me-up? Upgrade your drink to a hot beverage, for only €7. But wait, there's more! Why not add a snack, for just €1 more?! It's the newest way to treat yourself without breaking the bank - only at Circle K.

What's included?


Choose your Sandwich

Pick any deli or premade sandwich, wrap or roll.


a) Add your cold beverage  

Here is the list of drinks that are included with the meal deal offering from €6.

Some items are subject to a deposit which a highlighted below. Deposit applies to drinks containers featuring the Re-turn logo.

+ 0.15c deposit will be applied to the first eight products listed. 

  • Coca Cola (330ml)
  • Diet Coke (330ml)
  • Coca Cola Zero Sugar (330ml)
  • Fanta Orange (330ml)
  • Circle K Still Water (500ml)
  • Circle K Sparking Water (500ml)
  • Orange Juice (250ml)
  • Healthy Green Juice (250ml)
  • Ginger Shot (125ml)
  • Circle K Iced Coffee Salted Caramel (230ml)
  • Circle K Iced Latte (230ml)
  • Circle K Vanilla Latte (230ml)

b) Coffee & Hot Beverages

From just €7 you can add any of the below to your pre-made sandwich wrap or roll.

  • Coffee
  • Iced Coffee
  • Tea
  • Hot Chocolate


Add a pack of Crisps or Popcorn

For just €1 you can add any of the below to your meal deal.

  • Tayto Cheese & Onion (35g -45g)
  • Tayto Salt & Vinegar (35g-45g)
  • Tayto Smokey Bacon (35g-45g)
  • O’Donnell’s Cheese & Onion (50g)
  • O’Donnell’s Salt & Vinegar (50g)
  • King Cheese & Onion (45g)
  • Hunky Dory Cheese & Onion (45g)
  • Hunky Dory Salt & Vinegar (45g)
  • Hunky Dory Sour Cream & Onion (45g)
  • Hunky Dory Buffalo (42g-45g)
  • Tayto Popcorn (30g)


Offer excludes Circle K Express. This offer includes a max of 3 salads for any of your Build Your Own rolls, wraps and sandwiches, extra toppings will increase price that is advertised. For a Breakfast roll, a maximum of 5 fillings is included. This offer is only applicable only to Circle K food items, Subway items are not included. This offer also excludes Circle K Express.