A man sitting in a car during a Circle K car wash
A man sitting in a car during a Circle K car wash

Car Wash Services

At Circle K, we are committed to ensuring that our facilities meet your and your car's needs. Whether you are on a long trip or not, we recommend a pit stop at our washing facilities – both for you, your car and the environment!

At Circle K, we have several washing programs to choose from at different prices. Whether you want a standard or a deluxe seasonal wash, we will make sure that your car gets the best treatment with us!

You can also find a service area at most of our Circle K sites which feature the latest in digital tyre inflation and car vacuuming technology. Simply insert a €1 coin and follow the instructions on the machine.

Washing your car at Circle K only takes a few minutes with our modern machines that use electronic sensors to guide by the contours of your car, penetrating traffic film and removing dirt, dust and residues. 

The brushes are designed to clean effectively, while caring for your car’s paintwork. Wing mirrors and aerials should always be removed or retracted where possible. 

At Circle K all our chemicals are specially developed to clean and care for your car. They are all both eco-friendly and industry approved to ensure a safe clean. 

Where possible, we use water reclaim systems, recycling more than 50% of the water used in our washes.

All wasted water is collected in our drainage system, treated and regularly cleaned to ensure our car wash is operating as sustainably and efficiently as possible. Upgrade to our best ever Car Wash with Raintecs® & Shinetecs® technology at select Circle K locations.

Car wash programs

Car Wash Programs


A woman sitting in a car during a Circle K car wash

Why wash your car

Car washing is a good investment, which is why Circle K focus on making washing your car as easy as possible - so you can give your car the care it deserves.

A girl looking out of the window during a car wash

Jet Wash Service Car Wash at Circle K

In addition to offering various washing programs, we also give you the opportunity to wash the car yourself if desired.