Circle K Fuel Prices


We fully appreciate and understand the current level of frustration amongst our customers but feel it is important to clarify some key points.

Our prices are set in line with local and international wholesale market costs. We adhere to this process anytime there are price changes. Petrol and diesel price changes that were made yesterday were unrelated to the government’s announcement that the excise duty would be reduced for the coming months.

The current period we are in is unprecedented with the invasion of Ukraine having a significant impact and driving unpredictability and intense demand within global markets. This is leading to price pressures which is a challenge for all fuel retailers.

We are continuously focused on delivering the very best value for our customers and It's important to say to that if we see a reduction in the cost of refined petrol and diesel products globally, Circle K will pass these decreases onto customers.

The government’s reduction in excise duty on prices are reflected across our company owned network. However, wholesale market costs continue to fluctuate daily, and it is likely that despite certain amounts of government support we will continue to see pressure on prices in the coming weeks.