miles signs above fuel pumps
miles signs above fuel pumps


Reduces the cost of fuel by up to 3%.

miles fuel by Circle K our new and improved quality fuels that contain a unique blend of additives developed to take you further, take good care of your engine and help it run smoother and cleaner.

Our fuel experts have worked with an industry leading additive supplier to develop a powerful in-fuel additive, proven to remove combustion deposits from within your engine.

miles fuels benefits:

  • Improve fuel consumption – takes you up to 3% further
  • Clean and protect your engine
  • Enhance engine efficiency and improve reliability
  • Reduce harmful exhaust emissions

Diesel additive

miles diesel contains a new and improved package of additives that prevents the build-up of deposits and optimises combustion.

The diesel deposit control additive is a revolutionary product which aims to allow zero deposits.

Unleaded additive

miles unleaded reduces metal to metal friction and prevents the build-up of deposits in your engine.

The demonstrated benefits are immediate from first tankful of fuel treated with our additive, although optimum benefits arise from continuous usage.

miles fuels are backed by decades of research and development. Our aim is to help our customers get the most out of every drop of fuel, whether they want more efficiency or better performance.