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Circle K Service Station

With over 420 Circle K service stations nationwide, we are Ireland’s largest fuel and convenience brand. 158 of our service stations are company owned and operated, with 286 stations operated by the independent retailers of our dealer network.

All company owned and operated  service stations have a Circle K shop. In addition to our miles fuels offering, the services we provide are state of the art.

In-Store Services

At Circle K, we want to make things easier for our customers. That’s why we offer a wide range of services for when you are on the move. These include:

Visa Contactless Payment

Making your payment experience quicker and more convenient Re.Store at Circle K now has visa contactless payment for transactions up to €15.


ATM services are available at most Circle K locations. You can find your nearest ATM using our Site Locator, just click here.


Feeling lucky? Find your nearest Lotto service using our Site Locator and remember, you have to be in it, to win it.


To keep up with the latest news and entertainment on the road, we provide free Wi-Fi at all Circle K stores nationwide. Double check where your nearest store is with our Site Locator here.

Mobile Top Up

Running low on credit? Don’t worry, you can top up your mobile at any Circle K store.

Gift Cards

Stuck for that perfect gift idea? Remember you can buy Circle K gift cards at participating Circle K stores. Use our Site Locator to find where you can buy one or where the Gift Card is accepted. To find out more about Circle K Gift Card click here.

BillPay PostPoint

Did you know you can pay your bills at Circle K with PostPoint. Click here to see a list of bill payments that can be done through PostPoint and then find your nearest participating store using our Site Locator.

Pay your M50 Toll Charge

You can pay your toll charge at Circle K sites nationwide. Find your nearest location using our Site Locator and worry not about your journey ahead.

Forecourt Services

Car Wash

Our modern machines use electronic sensors that are guided by the contours of your car penetrating traffic film and removing dirt, dust and residues. The brushes are designed to clean effectively, while caring for your car’s paintwork. Wing mirrors/aerials should always be removed or retracted where possible. All our chemicals are specially developed to clean and care for your car. They are all both eco-friendly and industry approved to ensure a safe clean. Where possible, we use water reclaim systems, recycling more than 50% of the water used our washes. All wasted water is collected in our drainage system and taken away for safe treatment. Upgrade to our best ever Car Wash with Raintecs® & Shinetecs® technology at select Circle K locations.

Service Area

At Circle K our Service Area’s now feature the latest in digital tyre inflation and car vacuuming technology, Simply insert a €1 coin and follow the instructions on the machine.

Pay at Pump

If you are in a hurry then this service allows you to pay at the pump rather than in the shop. You can pay with your debit, credit, or accepted fuel card. Find your nearest store providing this service using our Site Locator.

Electric Charge Points

You can locate these service stations using our Site Locator. Here you can see which stations we offer fast charging today:

  1. Click on «Filtering»
  2. Select «EV Charger»