miles sign above fuel pumps
miles sign above fuel pumps

miles FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about miles
  • What have you tested the miles products against?

    Our new miles fuel products (both diesel and unleaded) have been tested against EU standard reference fuels that do not contain additives. The comparisons used in our claims of “takes you 3% further” and “improves engine performance” are specified in our advertisements.

  • Who has performed the testing?

    We sought an independent institute called Bosmol that specialises in research and development to complete the testing.

  • I have tried your product and I claim that it doesn't take me any further?

    It always difficult to comment on individual cases. Our miles products have been tested on different cars with different engine types. The results of the tests is what we communicate. However there may be variations depending on the driving style, and the age and condition of the engine.

  • What's the purpose of launching a new fuel brand?

    As more and more products reach the fuel market, we want to make the choice clearer and easier for you as our customer. By using the brand miles we clarify that our diesel and unleaded fuel are of high quality and offered at competitive prices.

  • Why have you chosen the name miles?

    miles is the European brand for Circle K’s diesel and unleaded fuel. It is simple and related to what we actually work with – products that makes it possible to go further at the same price.

  • Won't a new fuel brand name create confusion?

    No, we don’t think so. Our aim is to establish miles as a strong product brand which the customers associate with high quality fuel.

  • Will miles have a "green" profile?

    We always try to reduce our environmental footprint as much as we can in everything we do. miles products take you further on the same tank, at no extra cost. Thus, miles lowers fuel consumption and less environmental impact.

  • What's the miles customer promise?

    miles is a quality fuel brand for our diesel and unleaded customers which is available at all Circle K. With miles, customers can always be sure they are receiving a high quality fuel that enhances engine performance and fuel efficiency at no extra cost.

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