Circle K Team Ireland Promotion Terms & Conditions

  1. Customers will earn one Coin for every Play or Park point.
  2. Coins will be collected into a central pot every day and distributed evenly across registered Team Ireland athletes.
  3. Athletes can convert their Coins into free Circle K products or a free fuel voucher using their Circle K App.
  4. Athletes must scan their tag or app at the point of purchase to collect their discounts.
  5. The products available and their cost in Coins will be visible within the app and are subject to change at any time.
  6. All products are subject to availability.
  7. The Fuel discount is available at all Circle K and Circle K Express sites that are participating in the Play or Park loyalty game. Participating sites can be found at
  8. The free store products are only available in Circle K shops and are not available at Circle K Express sites.
  9. The promotion will end on Sunday 6th September 2020, after which all unused coins will be removed from athletes’ accounts.
  10. Coins have no monetary value, and cannot be exchanged for products other than those listed in the Circle K app.
  11. Athletes will be unable to enter the regular customer Play or Park monthly draw, or collect any other loyalty treats or offers outside of those issued through this promotion.
  12. Standard Play or Park Terms & Conditions apply, see for further details.

Circle K - Proud Partner of Team Ireland

Here at Circle K, we are a proud partner of the Irish Olympic and Paralympic teams in their preparations for Tokyo 2020.

We have developed a new way for our customers to directly support you on your journey to the Tokyo 2020 Games. We’ve created a unique digital currency that is just for our Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls. You’ll be able to spend this in our sites to get free fuel, coffee, sandwiches, and more!

Every time a customer makes a purchase and scans their “Play or Park” loyalty tag, they’ll generate unique coins that only you can spend in-store. Every day we will add these coins to your account, and you can then use them to redeem free Circle K products.

Register here, and we will send you an athlete’s loyalty tag that you can use in-store, and a link to a bespoke app that you can use to convert your coins into free fuel or in-store products.

Every time a customer buys at Circle K and scans their loyalty tag, they collect Play or Park points for themselves.

Now they will also generate unique coins that can only be spent by Team Ireland Athletes.

You can spend these coins on everything from fuel to water, helping to fuel your journey to Tokyo 2020.

In order to help Irish customers to get to know Team Ireland better ahead of Tokyo 2020, we would like to profile Irish athletes within our app and on our forecourts.

Terms & conditions apply, see here for details.