mile PLUS - Clean engine = more power and acceleration
mile PLUS - Clean engine = more power and acceleration


At Circle K, our fuel experts have worked with an industry leading additive supplier to develop a powerful next generation in-fuel additive. milesPLUS delivers more power and acceleration, for a superior driving experience.

milesPLUS, our new premium fuels have a higher concentration of additives, delivering great benefits and better performance for your engine. milesPLUS benefits.

  • More power and acceleration
  • Return engine to like new condition
  • Reduces engine deposit build up
  • Continues to improve fuel consumption taking you up to 3% further

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Our Diesel Additives

milesPLUS diesel has a higher concentration of cetane and deposit control additives than miles diesel. This new & improved package of additives prevents the build-up of deposits and optimises combustion. milesPLUS diesel boosts cold start performance and reduces knock and noise in diesel engines. Our innovative chemistry is designed to deliver positive results for old and new generation diesel engines. Regular use of milesPLUS diesel restores, maintains and improves engine power and acceleration.


Our Unleaded Additives

milesPLUS unleaded has a higher concentration of friction modifiers and deposit control additives than miles unleaded. This new and improved package of additives keeps intake valves clean and clear, resulting in better engine performance. This leads to power and torque maintenance and prevents fuel injector deposits building up in engines. Regular use of milesPLUS unleaded maintains engine power and acceleration. For both diesel and unleaded customers, milesPLUS continues to deliver all of the benefits of miles. As well as providing improved power and acceleration, milesPLUS customers can also improve their fuel economy by up to 3%.