Do I need to know the balance on my gift card?

You do not need to know your balance to make a purchase.  

To check Circle K Gift card balance, please click here and provide the 19-digit Circle K Gift card number along with the 4-digit PIN. Once entered, click on the "Submit" button. 

Physical Circle K Gift Card: To find the 4-digit PIN, flip the card over. It's hidden under a scratch-off area, next to the gift card number. 

Digital Circle K Gift Card: If you have a digital card, check the email where you received it. The PIN code is usually in that email.

You can follow up on your balance if you have added your Circle K Gift card in your e-wallet.

Also check your balance at the cash register by presenting your card to the cashier.

If your Circle K gift card starts with 4017, please click here to check your balance.

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