Do I have to spend the whole amount on my gift card at once?

No, if you don’t spend the full balance of the Circle K Gift Card, the outstanding balance remains on your Circle K Card.

To check Circle K Gift card balance, please click here and provide the 19-digit Circle K Gift card number along with the 4-digit PIN. Once entered, click on the "Submit" button.

Physical Circle K Gift Card: To find the 4-digit PIN, flip the card over. It's hidden under a scratch-off area, next to the gift card number. 

Digital Circle K Gift Card: If you have a digital card, check the email where you received it. The PIN code is usually in that email. 
When you receive an email containing your digital Circle K Gift card, it will include a link to add it to your Apple or Google wallet. Once added, your current card balance will be visible in real time, and you can access all the card details, including the card number and PIN code, by simply clicking on the card within your e-wallet. 

You can also check your balance at the cash register by presenting your card to the cashier. 

After each transaction, the receipt will display the remaining balance on your card. 

If your Circle K gift card starts with 4017, please click here to check your balance.

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