milesBIO HVO100 now available
milesBIO HVO100 now available

milesBIO HVO100: Reducing Carbon Emissions with Sustainable Innovation

What is milesBIO HVO100

milesBIO HVO100 stands at the forefront of eco-friendly solutions, presenting an impressive up to 90% reduction in carbon greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to traditional fossil diesel. Unveiling its potential in the Irish market, Circle K milesBIO HVO100 has already made strides in Scandinavia, particularly in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

What sets milesBIO HVO100 apart is its composition, derived entirely from renewable feedstock sourced from vegetable oils, used cooking oil, and various waste and by-products from the food industry. Unlike conventional fuels, milesBIO HVO100 is a new generation of renewable diesel that prioritizes sustainability.

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One key feature that distinguishes milesBIO HVO100 is the incorporation of Circle K’s innovative cleaning miles diesel additive. This additive plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness of the fuel system, especially the diesel injectors and nozzles. The cleaning action proves highly effective, ensuring optimal performance of the diesel injectors. As a result, fuel is injected into the engine more finely dispersed, promoting a more complete combustion process.

Production of milesBIO HVO100 follows a sustainable model, utilizing byproducts and residues from biomass cultivation and production processes. The result is a carbon-neutral biomass, making milesBIO HVO100 a fossil-free biofuel crafted from waste and by-products of the food industry, distinctly not intended for human consumption.

In essence, Circle K milesBIO HVO100 represents a significant step towards more sustainable fuels, embodying the principles of circular economy and carbon neutrality.

What are the benefits?

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Reduced Carbon Emission

  • milesBIO HVO100 offers up to 90% reduction in carbon greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over fossil diesel. Compatible with your Fleet*
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milesBIO HVO100 is already approved by a number of manufacturers

  • A number of HVG Diesel vehicles are already approved. Some of which included: Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, MAN, DAF, Iveco and Renault.

*We recommend checking with the vehicle manufacturer

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EU Compliant

  • milesBIO HVO100 conforms to the required European standard for renewable diesel EN15940.
  • Our diesel also meets the standard for conventional diesel fuels IS-EN 590, except that the density is lower.
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Improved Diesel Engines

  • Reduces exhaust emissions.
  • Low-ash components.
  • High Cetane number.
  • Low odour. 
  • Good cold start properties.
  • Good oxidation stability.
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Talk to us today and we will help you with your sustainable business fuel journey.

Empower Your Fleet with Sustainable Energy Solutions

Embark on a journey towards sustainable mobility with our latest innovation, milesBIO HVO100. At Circle K, we are enthusiastic about fostering a greener future and are here to assist your business in making the transition. Connect with our knowledgeable experts today to explore how milesBIO HVO100 can substantially slash your CO2 emissions by up to an impressive 90%.

Take a proactive step towards environmental responsibility and join the league of businesses championing sustainable practices. Contact us now for a personalized quote and discover the transformative impact milesBIO HVO100 can have on your fleet's carbon footprint. Together, let's drive towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

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Find your Circle K HVO station:


Site NameSite AddressCounty
CIRCLE K JUNCTION 5 M9Junction 5 M9, Rathcrogue, R93 N2X8Carlow
CIRCLE K FERMOY J14 M8Moorepark West, Fermoy, P61 HP52Cork
CIRCLE K DUBLIN PORTDublin Port Company Service Station, Pro, D03 W0Y8Dublin 3
CIRCLE K NEWLANDSFonthill Road South, Clondalkin, D22 N9R3Dublin 22
CORRIB OILTuam Road, H91 X5PWGalway
CIRCLE K KILL SOUTHNaas Road, Kill, W91 TP38Kildare
CIRCLE K EXPRESS PORTLAOISEMountmellick Road, Portlaoise, R32T2YALaois
CIRCLE K CITYNORTH J7 M1City North Business Campus, Gormanstown, K32 VR44Meath
CIRCLE K MONAGHANCoolshannagh, Monaghan, H18 T282Monaghan
CIRCLE K CASHELJunction 8, M8 Cashel, Waller's-Lot, Cashel, E25 R722Tipperary
Circle K and Frylite

Circle K continues expansion of HVO renewable fuel across Ireland

Circle K has announced the opening of three new milesBIO HVO100 pumps across its network bringing to eight the total number of locations where customers can now access milesBIO HVO100.