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Q8 Oils

At Circle K, we provide our customers with only the best quality oils tailored to suit their needs. To gain a better idea of what oil will work best with your car/engine, use the table below as a reference guide.

Q8 Formula V Long Life 5W/30

Q8 Formula V Long Life 5W/30

This fully synthetic, ultra high performance engine oil provides maximum engine protection and extended drain intervals. With improved fuel efficiency, reduced oil consumption, easier cold weather starting and reduced engine wear, it is great for new cars.

  • Global brand, supplied to many car workshops and kept up to date with changing requirements.
  • Suitable for petrol, diesel and hybrid cars.
  • Low ash (low SAPS), low emission oil needed for modern cars.

It’s approved by BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen etc.

Q8 Formula Advanced 10W/40

Q8 Formula Advanced 10W/40

This is a semi-synthetic oil for high performance engines. It improves fuel efficiency, reduces oil consumption, eases cold weather starting and reduces engine wear. Suitable for petrol and diesel cars.

  • The 10W/40 is not suitable for diesel cars from 2005 onwards as it may damage the diesel particulate filter (DPF).
  • The 10W/40 is not suitable for cars needing a lower emission oil.
Q8 Formula Plus 15W/40

Q8 Formula Plus 15W/40

This is a mineral oil suitable for the older petrol and diesel cars (1980s & 1990s)

  • Uses old technology and doesn’t perform well with modern cars.
  • Modern engines overstress this lubricant.

Think of an old Renault 5 or Ford Sierra. Engines have come a long way since then.