60% of Motorists Only Fuel up When in the Red


Research Study from Topaz

60% of motorists only fuel up when in the red

Research study from Topaz highlights:

  • 1 in 10 drivers have run out of fuel while driving
  • 63% of road users will call on a family member in an instance of running out of fuel on the road (20% will call the AA)
  • 50% of Irish drivers don’t know if it’s illegal to run out of fuel in Ireland
  • 1 in 4 only check their tyre pressure when they think there’s a problem

A new research study commissioned by leading fuel and convenience retailer Topaz has found 60% of Irish road users will only re-fuel their car when their fuel gauge is in the red.

The survey exploring the driving habits of 3,794 Irish motorists reveals that while 91% consider themselves efficient drivers, 3 in 5 will only stop by the fuel pump when the red light appears on their fuel gauge, greatly increasing the risk of breakdown and causing subsequent damage to their vehicle and engine.

What’s more, 1 in 10 Irish motorists admit to having broken down at least once as a result of running out of fuel while driving, causing up to €250 (65%) worth in damage to their car and as much as €500 (21%) in some cases.
The findings come as part of a nationwide survey, commissioned by Irelands largest fuels retailer Topaz to launch its national ‘Quality Fuels’  campaign, encouraging drivers to adopt a positive and proactive approach to protecting their engine’s vital parts by choosing a trusted fuel supplier.

Additional findings:

While 97% of people say they would like to reduce their impact on the environment by driving more efficiently, many are not taking the simple measures to help them do so.

Over one third of drivers fail to check their tyre pressure at least once a month, as recommended, and the majority of drivers are driven by price (44%) over quality (41%)when it comes to choosing their fuel supplier.

Over a third of respondents (38.5%) admitted to not even knowing which fuels are the most efficient and environmentally friendly and almost 1 in 10 regularly take a gamble on the quality of the fuel they purchase by not visiting a recognised and approved retailer.

The survey also found most road users will purchase around €40 of fuel on average per visit to the service station (36%). 32% of those surveyed will spend an average of €20 per visit while 25% will purchase €60 worth of fuel.

The research also revealed that most of us will turn toward a family member when experiencing difficulty or breakdown on the road with a massive 63% of respondents admitting they would first call a family member in the instance of running out of fuel on the roadside. AA breakdown assistance are considered the next go to (21%) while 13% of those surveyed said they would call their father in the case of such an emergency.

While many EU countries including Germany and Spain have introduced laws prohibiting road users from breaking down as a result of running out of fuel, there is some confusion among Irish road users on the topic here at home. When asked whether or not it was illegal to run out of fuel in Ireland, over half of those surveyed (51%) conceded they did not know.

Speaking about the survey and launch of the Topaz Quality Fuels campaign, Marketing Director of Topaz Energy Margaret Barron said: “While most road users will consider themselves efficient when behind the wheel, the majority of drivers are struggling to think and act efficiently when it comes to fuel. Each component in your car is as important as the next and here at Topaz, we’re encouraging our customers and road users nationwide to adopt a positive approach by protecting themselves and their vehicles when on the road by choosing a trusted and quality fuel supplier.”

Topaz fuels contain a powerful in fuel additive scientifically proven to remove fuel combustion deposits within your engine, allowing for immediate injector flow improvement and preventing future deposit formation, meaning your engine will run smoother, cleaner and further with every journey.

Topaz Quality Fuels are also quality approved by AA Ireland, allowing Topaz to constantly check the levels of service and the quality of products against the highest standards in the market place.

Conor Faughnan of AA Ireland added: “A car is only as good as its most vulnerable component – the driver. While we can easily understand people allowing their tanks to run close to dry before refuelling it is a gamble. You could find yourself stranded on a motorway or in an unsafe area, or forced to buy fuel from a garage that you would rather not use. It’s also not good for your engine or fuel system to allow it to run completely dry. Better to stay topped up and keep that needle away from the red”
The Topaz Quality Fuels campaign aims to both educate and encourage drivers to protect themselves and their vehicle by choosing a trusted fuel supplier with each journey.

For further information visit www.topaz.ie/fuels/quality-fuels.aspx
*The Topaz Fuel study was taken by 3,794 Irish road users (1,480 male and 2,314 female)

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