Topaz Dealer creates a scoop!


Lilley's Topaz/Centra in Enniskillen tempt Colin Farrell into paying a visit.

Topaz Dealer creates a scoop

Topaz Dealer Una Lilley has created a scoop in Eniskillen County Fermanagh by creating a Colin Farrell themed Gelato ice cream which led to the famous Irish Film star paying a visit to the store to try it for himself.

Store owner Una Lilley was absolutely thrilled with the impromptu visit. “We have been making our own gelato fresh instore for two years now but when we heard Colin Farrell was in town it seemed obvious to us that this occasion merited a gelato all of its own.”

After some online research Una found that Colin who was in town at the time filming his latest movie, ‘Miss Julie’ was a fan of Cola bottles, Wispa and Milk Teeth.

The creation was coined the ‘Cola Farrell’ on the basis of its key ingredients including Colin’s favourite treats, but the immediate interest from Colin was not something the garage expected to receive. “We never expected news of it to reach him so quickly, and in our wildest dreams we did not expect him to pay us a visit on the strength of it!” Una said.

Colin’s driver apparently noticed the poster at the garage and informed the Hollywood star of the latest creation. At 4.30pm on Good Friday Colin decided to pay the team in Lilley’s a visit to thank them for their efforts. He took the time to meet the staff, shook hands, signed autographs and thanked everyone for their warm hospitality.

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