GAA Players Take The Topaz Test


Not all fuels are the same! Topaz fuels take you further!

GAA Players

A group of senior footballers drawn from amongst the top sides in the country put their efficient driving skills to the test in an event organised by Topaz recently.

The main aim of The Topaz Test was to encourage motorists to adopt more efficient driving techniques and to highlight the fact that not all fuels are the same.

Sean Cavanagh (Tyrone), Darran O’Sullivan (Kerry) Aidan Walsh (Cork) and Karl Lacey (Donegal) all lined out for the event and met up at Topaz in Kill for the drive to Topaz in Clarehall via Lucan, Luttrelstown and Blanchardstown.

At Kill they were given a briefing on the route by two fuel efficiency experts who also outlined  the key elements of efficient driving such as driving in a smooth style at moderate speed, reducing drag by closing the windows and using cruise control on the motorway.


While Kerry star O’Sullivan is well known for his explosive speed on the pitch he is also clearly capable of applying a light touch to the accelerator off it. After a closely fought contest he emerged as the most efficient driver of the four, just edging out Tyrone’s Sean Cavanagh by a small margin.

In doing so Darran won a €1,000 donation for the charity of his choice, Pieta House, the centre for the prevention of self-harm or suicide, courtesy of Topaz.

The Kerry star achieved a fuel consumption rate of 5.42 litres per 100Kms in the 1.6 litre diesel vehicles which works out at around 50 miles per gallon.

MJ Tierney from Topaz, himself a footballer with his native Laois pointed out that motorists could knock hundreds of Euro off their motoring costs by using Topaz fuels and adopting a more efficient driving style.

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