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At Circle K we have a first class warehouse & logistic delivery service thanks to our partnership with Aramex.

We hold up 1,500+ pallets of stock in Ireland so our customers don’t have to. (Pack, Bulk & IBC’s).

Our standard delivery lead time on pack product is 48 hours. Bulk pumping deliveries have a maximum lead time of 5 working days.

Next day deliveries can be possible and should be requested at the time of ordering.

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At Circle K, we realise that not all products sell themselves. We pride ourselves in being able to talk to our customers in a technically proficient way and also listen to what you have to say. Often any issues are easily fixed and the solution is obvious to our team, who may simply recommend a slight change in procedure or product.

At other times, an issue will require some time and effort to investigate. We employ two engineers within the Lubricants Team and can utilise our experience with other customers and as well as the Circle K oil-analysis lab to investigate issues. We can also call in the help of the Q8 technical team in the UK. Technical visits help our customers with compliance, efficiencies, OEM warranties, up-time and environmental issues.

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Oil Analysis

At Circle K Lubricants we understand that lubricants are the lifeblood of your machine. If these machines are critical to your business then it is often necessary to analyse this “blood” in a bid to check the condition and foresee future problems.

We use Ireland’s best accredited oil analysis lab to provide this vital service. The Circle K Lube Oil Analysis Kit comes with 10 bottles, labels, freepost address labels and includes the cost of the test and diagnosis.

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Waste Oil

Circle K are a full member of Repak and Valpak and are therefore non-obligated to take back packaging.

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Plant Audit

The Circle K Lubricants team are very aware of the benefits of having fit for purpose lubricants available for specific applications. However, our experience has shown us that many applications are using unsuitable lubricants, and in some instances multiple brands/grades are being used when, in fact, one grade can cover a number of applications. Using numerous grades of lubricants increases the risk of the wrong oil being put in the wrong equipment.

Our plants audits will look at which grade/specification the original equipment manufacturer recommends, what grade is being used, and where possible rationalise the amount of grades used. We will also  provide recommendations to maintain the integrity of the products used and best Health, Safety and Environmental practices. Plant Audits are carried out by our technically trained staff.

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Point of Sale

At Circle K our Q8 Lubricants point of sale is leading the market in Ireland. Our clear simple guides to helping customers make the right decision is key.

Q8 Oils offer a complete portfolio of lubricants for every part of your business. Ask your Q8 Oils representative for more information.

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The Circle K  Lubricants team can provide a lubricants training service tailored to specific customer requirements. This bespoke service can range from very basic lubricants technical information for a sales team to more involved maintenance staff training for customer personnel.

Additionally, with  ever-changing demands placed on lubricants due to changing technical and environmental requirements, Circle K can arrange for update sessions on these areas for your personnel.

As the premier forecourt retailer in Ireland, Circle K has unrivalled knowledge on retail lubricants point of sale and can offer training focussed purely in this area.

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