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Marine Lubricants

Circle K has a number of global and local Marine Lubricant supply contracts, and we stock a large quantity of products here in Ireland to manage our customers’ demands. We have a qualified Marine Engineer to deal with any technical issues and a state of the art supply chain to get these products to the vessel.

Q8 Marine products supply high TBN cylinder oils, medium and high TBN crankcase oils, low TBN mono-grades and multi-grade oil for higher speed modern engines and generators. In addition, we stock and supply Q8 Heller high temperature hydraulic oils, Q8 Synthetic Compressor oils, Q8 Erebus MP Gear oils and many more marine requirements.

We have recently become the Irish Distributor for Vickers Marine speciality products. Vickers has been in business for over 150 years, and they concentrate on providing a small and specific range of products for use mainly below the waterline. Products include Neox and Hydrox stern tube oils, wire rope dressing and bio-degradable hydraulic oils and greases.

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See the below links for further details:

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