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Grease is an important part of the Circle K lubricants range and we are stockists of Q8 Grease and Lubcon speciality greases.

Greases have wide variations, temperature, speed and environment. The correct grease is very important and matching the grease to the application will save money on downtime and failures.

From multipurpose grease to extreme temperature greases, we cater for everyone from agriculture and plant to industry and food production.

Circle K Technical and Area Managers are experienced at understanding the lubrication needs of our clients. Whether it be from -100 ºC to +1000 ºC, we have a range that will cater for your needs.

Types: Marine, Food grade, Red, Blue, High Temp., Low Temp., Multipurpose

Pack: 180Kg, 50Kg, 20kg, 12.5kg, 500g, 400g, 125g

Contact your local Circle K Distributor or email for supply and technical information.

For more information please click the links below:

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