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Food Grade Lubricants

Circle K has a broad range of lubricants for the food, beverage, pet food, animal feed, packaging, and pharmaceutical and related industries.

The CASSIDA range of food grade products are high-performing lubricants for the food and beverage industries.

In the CASSIDA global portfolio we have a full range of lubricants and greases which can be used in all industries which require food grade lubricant.  Each product is fully synthetic which leads to longer life span and less downtime. Longer intervals between oil changes mean fewer chances for contamination.

We also offer the Shell Ondina range of medical white oils.

With our in-house technical advisors, we can advise companies which lubricant to use.


All CASSIDA food grade lubricants offered by Circle K are registered by NSF and ISO 21469.

These standards mean that cassida food grade lubricants fulfil the highest possible safety standard.

CASSIDA also fulfill the strict requirements of both Jewish and Muslim laws and regulations. The respective Kosher and Halal certificates documents guarantee the highest possible level of product and food safety in this respect as well.

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Fuchs CASSIDA Brochure