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Circle K Supplying Q8 Oils Circle K Supplying Q8 Oils

Agricultural Lubricants

Circle K offers the agriculture industry a wide range of Q8 oils to suit all makes and models of agricultural machinery. Lubricants that cover heavily loaded engines, transmissions, brake and clutch systems, wet brakes and hydraulic pumps.

With the latest demands on new tractors to conform to emission standards, Circle K offers a range of low SAPS (Ash) oils which meet the latest specifications from top manufacturers.

From Super Universals to Synthetic Backend and Engine Oils, we carry the full range of agricultural lubricants in our Irish warehouse.

We also supply emission reducing AdBlue (see AdBlue section) for modern tractor requirements.

Our range of Q8 Oils will help to reduce downtime by preventing and protecting equipment from corrosion and rust. Q8 Oil limits friction plate wear and is non-foaming.

Pack: Bulk, IBC, 208Ltr, 20Ltr, 5Ltr.

Contact your local Circle K Distributor or email for supply and technical information.

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